Friday, February 19, 2010

FAQ's and SVR's--Part One

NEWS FLASH!! Lord Wellbourne, International Man Of Mystery and Bon Vivant, has graciously consented to a three-part interview! After nine months of self-imposed exile behind the back woods of Maine, Lord Wellbourne has condescended to give SVR's (somewhat vague responses) to FAQ's (frequently asked questions). Don't miss a single riveting installment!

FAQ--Where does the name 'Lord Wellbourne' come from?

SVR--It refers to an ancestral title that was never granted. An earldom was promised to the members of the Douglas clan of Scotland by Prince Charles Edward better known as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' in exchange for their support of his claim to the throne of England. Had His Highness been successful this interview would be taking place in Edinburgh.

FAQ--After many years of residing in--and traveling throughout--many parts of the world, how do you find living, so far removed from it all, in Maine?

SVR--At present, rather cold, pleasantly quiet, and refreshingly clean.

FAQ--What brought you back to where it all began?

SVR--Retractable umbilical cord.

FAQ--You spent your early years being brought up and educated in France and England. Do you think this has given you any special advantages?

SVR--Certainly. I am always everyone's first pick for teammate when a Trivial Pursuit game appears. I am also popular whenever a romance novel author incorporates French into her dialogue.

FAQ--When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?



SVR--Yes, colourful. As a child all the people I found captivating were often referred to, somewhat disparagingly, as 'colourful'. I wanted to be one of them.

FAQ--According to popular opinion you've achieved that.

SVR--That's very gratifying to hear.

FAQ--Now, about your artistic and theatrical endeavours.............

SVR--Let's leave that for later, shall we? It's time for my mean, tea.

There you have it, Gentle Readers. The first installment of a historic three-part interview with the illusive Lord Wellbourne. In tomorrows' segment we will pursue that intriguing line of questioning. Until tomorrow, this is Iam Nosy signing off.


  1. Just proves to what lengths boredom can drive a person. Stay tuned......

  2. Oh, yeah...I miss you, thanks for reminding

  3. Stay're going to appear in one of these interviews.....heh, heh, heh..........

  4. Well this is fascinating!!!!Long overdue if I may say so.Please can you define 'colourful'.No wonder the Scots rebelled if Charlie kept letting them down and breaking promises!

  5. Actually, it was the Scots who let Charlie down with all their squabbles and back-biting. They spent much more time and energy fighting amongst themselves than they ever did against the English. Their version of support sealed the Bonnie Prince's fate.

    Colourful translated, as best I can discern, to mean folks who seized every opportunity to live life to the fullest. They were the happy-go-lucky grasshoppers amongst the dilligent ants. They were not wastrels or free-loaders. Many were highly respected in their individual fields of interest and employment. But they laughed too much, were just a bit too witty and often 'blue', ate and drank as though there was no tomorrow, and generally knew more about life and living than the average person was comfortable with. My mother was one of them and she was their favourite hostess and Patron Saint. I liked them and wanted to be just like them someday.

  6. "...they laughed too much, were just a bit too witty and often 'blue', ate and drank as though there was no tomorrow, and generally knew more about life and living than the average person was comfortable with."

    It all sounds so very familiar...

  7. Was that you in the white lawn picnic dress and broad-rimmed straw sun hat? I think I found one of your gloves. Or was it you descending the stairs dragging a mink coat behind you with one hand and holding an empty magnum in the other?

  8. Neither of those was I.
    It was I who disrobed in the wee hours of the party and swam in the fountain, my flute of Dom held safely above.

  9. Ah, yes..........I remember the scent of Chanel #5 wafting about the terrace, and all those handsome, tuxedoed men ladling the water into their glasses like ambrosia while you swam.