Monday, February 15, 2010

The Complete Portrait

Below is the full portrait of George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron of whom it was said "He's mad, bad, and dangerous to know". One of my heroes and, now, my Blogging Icon. I bear no resemblance to him whatsoever, of course. No, the only similarity is an appreciation for history, literature, art, and beauty. Oh, yes, and an independence of spirit. Not a bad connection that.


  1. I want to be 'mad. bad, and dangerous to know'.

  2. Whether at your best or at your worst, my dear, you are all that and more. In the most positive and endearing ways, of course.

  3. A very fine choice if I may say so.Another case of growing old disgracefully although not much 'old' in there yet but you have to start practising early.
    When I lived in Nottinghamshire and then Derbyshire I often visited his family estate, a favourite place.I enjoyed thinking of him there getting up to mischief.

  4. Thanks, Von, I thought it a good selection. I believe I progressed beyond mere 'practicing' the moment I realized that organized religion was a bunch of hooey. Once I discovered that Jesus was being used as a cattle prod I began my career of 'growing old disgracefully'. People often forget that before there was 'original sin' there was original innocence. I believe the whole point of His coming was to return us to that state. I don't need a prelate or an edifice to instruct me on using common sense, kindness, or courtesy. Lord Byron lived an 'in-your-face' life during an intense, hypocritically conventional time. I admire that. He was a naughty rake to be sure, but he lived his life his way and more than made up for it while fighting and dying for Greek freedom from the Ottoman Empire. He didn't live to see it but he contributed to Greek independence. He deserved far better than he got from the British aristocracy after he died but, bless his heart, after such a blazing passage across the skies of people's imagination his quiet little resting place is probably what his poet's heart would prefer.

    Did you live in the Peak District of Derbyshire? I love that part of England. "Nature and artifice joined in happy communion".--Jane Austin from 'Pride and Prejudice'. The Midlands were beautiful but a little contrived to my eye. It's very hard to contrive rolling steep hills and woodlands. The broad accents of the denizens just warmed my heart--reminded me of my Highland grandmother.