Saturday, December 31, 2011

On The Brink.......

.....of a new year and another birthday. My fifty-somethingth. And I am glad for both. New year, new beginning. You know, that whole 'clean slate' thing. Some things written on my personal slate in 2011 have left indelible impressions that one hopes will fade with the distance of days. Others will hopefully be repeated and highlighted. I have always been an optimist. Oh, cynical and snarky to be sure, but always an end-of-the-rainbow kind of guy. Hope is the one thing I have gone out of my way to cultivate and nurture wherever and with whomever I've made a home and contributed layers to my life--and hopefully theirs. I was supposed to be the headliner at a birthday gathering of glitterati this evening here at home. A small crowd but a lively one to help usher in the new year with all the accoutrements such a gala can muster in a small community behind the backwoods on the tundra. An ice storm put the skids to that plan so all will commence again tomorrow afternoon in milder temperatures and bright sunshine. And I am glad. I think I prefer to welcome the coming year in a quieter, more subdued atmosphere. I have never made resolutions since the day they're supposed to go into effect is also a day when you're supposed to do whatever makes you happy. Seemed counter-productive so I just gave up on the notion. I will not attempt to resolve anything. I will not make a list of past regrets, either slings or arrows, that will make the champagne at midnight sweeter by comparison. I will not inventory the dings, dents, and other damages to my chassis. I will not promise anything no matter how noble or sincere I might want to sound. The words of a promise are rarely sturdy enough to support the weight of follow-through. I will be quiet. I will think happy thoughts of what may be and how best to appreciate whatever comes. All I really need is just to be. That is enough I think. Time is too precious to be wrapped up in neat little packages all clearly labled. Here's to the adventure of living! Happy New Year to all of you, my friends and Gentle Readers!


  1. A Happy New Year to you and a wonderful birthday, may God grant you many more!

  2. Lady H: From your lips to His ears! I think I have a few more good years left on this old, yet tastefully detailed, chassis.

  3. Happy New Year To you my good sir! I remember the last icestorm here. It was crazy!

  4. BragonDorn: Welcome! Thank you for your kind wishes. I lived and went to university in Ohio and I agree, it was rather crazy at times. For several reasons....

    "a fancy pants businessman"....I am intrigued.

  5. Oh, my Lord, your optimism is infectious! Just be. Yes. Enough, indeed.
    Wishing you a very, merry 2012. I doubt you'd have it any other way. ;)

  6. The new year is just about as arbitrary as the international date line, so I never pay much attention to either. Though I do make an effort to date checks with the correct year and note the day of the week when I cross the date line.

    That being said, Happy 3rd of January, 2012 to you and a great many following days as well.

  7. Toasting your birthday with another half-full glass. Here's to many more.

    Well put and I completely agree.

    Happy New Year.

  8. Jayne: Quite right, I wouldn't have it any other way. A very merry to you as well!

    Anne: For the longest time I thought it was so wonderful that the entire world celebrated my B-day...until I realized they were actually celebrating the New Year. Although, arbitrarily speaking, I'm beginning to wonder...

    Antares Cryptos: You, sir, are an intriguing sage who shows excellent taste and judgement. The very same to you as I raise my half-full glass in your direction.

  9. I enjoyed your salute to the new year.. Here's to a good one.
    time to be happy... time to say yes when it feels right... and no when it don't..
    All the best.

  10. Better late than never: happy new year my dear Lord Wellbourne!

    Your sincerely

    Olivier Klastat alias Falcondawn

  11. Lord Wellbourne,

    we miss you! :-)

    I would like to read a new post of you as soon as possible.

    Regards and Salute

    Olivier Klastat

  12. Gwen: The very same to you! Why do I have the recurring daydream of you skating on the Bay of Fundy? I think I need a nap.

    Olivier: Happy New Year to you, too, dear Olivier! I'll get right on it as soon as I have anything interesting to write about.

  13. haha... I hope it never gets cold enough to freeze that salty body of water.. it will be the return of the Ice Age for sure.

  14. If it would guarantee the return of wooly mammoths I'd be all for it! Or better yet...polar bears on Fundy...that would be awesome!