Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And To All A Good Night

'Tis just before Christmas and all through the town, the people are grousing or wearing a frown. They're behaving quite mad or just downright shrewish, preferring, I suppose, they were Buddhist or Jewish. The WalMart's a-buzzing with shoppers rampaging-- oh how happy the bankers must be in Beijing! Hustling and bustling from hither to yon, hunting the best deals before they're all gone. Racing and rushing to spend near and far-- good God almighty, where did I park the car? Pushing and shoving all over the earth-- so much commotion over a simple tot's birth! Scrambling haphazard both to and fro; you'd think they'd be grateful that there ain't any snow. I watch from the sidelines in my comfy cocoon amused by the knowledge 'twill be all over soon. And also because (I gladly remember) that all of my shopping was done in September.


  1. Charming poetic anecdote - Nice to see you again online Lord Wellbourne :-)

  2. Very nice! I'll admit though, that I'm one of those frantic shoppers....I put off shopping 'til December, and by that point, I was too busy to actually get anything done. I'll have to follow your example next year :)

  3. HEHEHE...oh, yes I see it too. I shopped early on did it all online!

  4. Falcondawn: Thank you. I'm glad to be back among the blogging.

    Emmy: No, dear, stay the way you are! It gives me something to write about! :-)

    Lady H: Going the online route is so much more civilized. And you can do it in your PJ's. Another benefit is not being forced to listen to the Chipmunk's Christmas album in the big box stores.

  5. Amen to all that
    In my case the shopping was all done online and from the comfort of my armchair. I remember the days when The Rags were young and I'd stand aghast at the sight of crazed parents with trolleys stuffed full of plastic toys and feel slightly sick at the stupidity of it all.

    I refuse to buy into the whole consumerist clap, I will not be fooled into filling the coffers of the corporations, at least not until they can give me a white Christmas in return!

    Hey ho, much joy and I can't wait for the leftover turkey, assuming that this year the oven doesn't cease to function on Christmas Eve leaving me holding a raw bird and a tray of uncooked gingerbread men

  6. ps love your word verification

    almost the name of my blog, however did you know?

  7. Mouse: Welcome Dearheart! I totally agree...seeing shopping carts brimming with cheap and unimaginative 'stuff' sharing space with yowling children and frazzled adults saying the most un-peace-on-earth-and-goodwill- to-all things to one another brings out the Ebeneezer in me. That's why I stop shopping months before the season starts when people are just normal crazy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the compliance of your oven. Although I have to admit, I'm enjoying the visual of you with a nekkid turkey in one hand and untested-by-fire men in the other.

    L.F.: Ain't it the truth? I feel as though you could give a witness! I do hope we'll be hearing from you again very soon!

  8. Aren't you the wise one.... your rendition gave me a big Christmas Eve smile.. even a few out loud chuckles... thanks!!
    Merry Christmas greetings to you, Gwen

  9. I prize the smiles and treasure the chuckles! And a very Merry Christmas and all good things to you and yours, dear Gwen!

  10. Oh yes, I do love Lord Wellbourne's version of this classic tale. But the happy and fat Beijing bankers makes me sad, whilst nothing very inventive is going on in our own playground.

    I wish for many American inventions in the New Year. The sort that will put more of us to work. ;)

    Happy Holidays, LW. :D

  11. And my hope is that American jobs do not revolve around mowing the lawns or cleaning the houses of thos Beijing bankers!

    At the risk of sounding unpatriotic...we have the highest standard of living in the world...and perhaps the most compassionate population as well; I think it's time we start deserving and preserving it rather than expecting it as our due and taking it for granted.

  12. P.S. A very happy and creative New Year to you, too, Jayne!