Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Joy Of Sects

Today has been a most extraordinary day. A day vibrating with religious and spiritual moment. Apparently, and unbeknownst to me, it is 'recruitment day' in rural Maine. Between the hours of 1 pm and 3 pm my little porch was descended upon by representatives of the LDS church, the Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses. They hit the neighbourhood at staggered times but converged en masse all at once--no more than 5 minutes apart--on my porch.

As a not-ready-for-prime-time-Christianity person, recovering Catholic with Buddhist/Celtic sympathies it was a remarkable meeting of dogma, theology, spin, and interpretation. One might expect it to have been an uncomfortable tension-fest. One would be mistaken. Everyone was amused at the coincidence, everyone partook of lemonade, decaffeinated green tea, and peanut butter fudge. And the best part--people addressed their biases and prejudices about each other's religious beliefs! Openly and genuinely sharing their stories and journeys. When everyone was gone I couldn't help but think that this was probably the best grass-roots ecumenical convocation ever! At one point my mother joined the group and was graciousness personified. She listened patiently and asked thoughtful questions. In the end she simply said: "I don't understand everything you believe or why you believe it, but, in the end, it's all about loving each other and respecting one another's humanity". I was so proud of her.

Tonight on the evening news I heard that the Pope is making a papal visit to the United Kingdom--the first ever. Beginning in Scotland (John Knox will spin in his grave) and then down into England. As titular head of the Anglican Church Queen Elizabeth II will meet and welcome him. I guess having two huge asteroids pass so close to the Earth kinda inspired some good-neighbour policy. I hope there'll be a whole lot of collared women of the Anglican and Episcopal church in attendance when His Holiness meets the Queen. You know, just to kinda nudge his consciousness in regard to the vital role of Women in the spiritual realm. I'd really be disappointed if all he saw were Religious in habits thus reinforcing that antediluvian belief of where a womans' place is.

I hope a higher power is showering all my Gentle Readers with openness and freedom of expression.


  1. Good to see you here again!!
    I'm hoping the Pope is visiting to apologise to all those abused children and sack the priests involved or is that to unrealistic an ask?
    Have a fun day!

  2. What an unusual (but fun) day you must have had!

    Oh, and I've been meaning to ask why you use a picture of Lord Byron as your profile picture. Is it because you are a fan of his, or because you look like him, or something else?

  3. Forty plus years ago I would meet them at the door naked with a bottle of beer in one hand and a joint in the other and invite them in. None came.
    I have matured somewhat and now just sick the dogs on them. There is no dialog with the permanently ignorant.
    I am just barely housebroke and not yet civilized and that is my only excuse.

  4. Von: Please give Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy my very best regards when next you see them. Oh, I'm sure he'll make some sort of statement to cover his butt but that'll be about it. Everything else will be photo-ops and benevolent smiles.

    Emmy: Greetings, Dearheart! Yes, it was certainly interesting and quite a departure from the norm. I chose Lord Byron's portrait because I do admire his spirit very much. They used to say of him; "He's mad, bad, and dangerous to know". He was so much more than just a poet. I also have a dressing robe identical to the one he's wearing in the portrait. Coincidence? I think not!

    Oldfool: I would like to have been there to see their reaction to that greeting! Lordy, what did you do for the Avon Lady? Seventeen years ago in Texas, I had been given a huge amount of deer meat which I was in the process of cutting up to put in the freezer. The doorbell rang and I went to the door with my bloody apron on and bloody cleaver in my hand. I caught a glimpse of a 'Watch Tower' peeking out of a purse and my evil twin said: "I'm sorry, ladies, but I only have a few minutes left to finish sacrificing this goat before the moon shifts into the next zodiac house. Could you come back in about 15 minutes?" I never saw them again.

    The difference between civilised and uncivilised is whether or not you offered them a beer and a hit. Something tells me that SWMBO isn't the type to keep putting newspaper down for you. Glad to hear the house-breaking was successful.

    Permanently ignorant = stupid. And in that respect you're right. I've always said that ignorance can be cured but stupidity is fatal.

  5. Geez. how unusual! what are chances of that ever happening ... did it mean 3 strikes your out....or everything comes in threes... or were they the 3 blind mice... I can see that it would be rather entertaining from a certain perspective...

    ... they must all have learned from past experience that there was no getting through to us since they have never coming knocking on our doors for years... or is it the four dogs... never thought of that till Old Fool said he sicked his dogs on them.. thought that was highly amusing...

  6. I've played musical churches all my life. At the end of the day I just want to know that I and the people I've known have meant something to whatever force brought us into existence and despite my propensity for snark I've striven for proving at least a couple of tenets during my life; charity and hospitality.

    I don't believe I evolved from a monkey (or anyone else for that matter although some demonstrate the mannerisms masterfully). The LDS church became my adopted church home because Husband was brought up that way and his knowledge of the church, of biblical teachings ring true for me on many levels. I think a spiritually united household is stronger at thwarting 'the element' and door-to-door salesfolk. There'll be no Amway for this household!

    Bottomline: Most church types just want to bring you casserole ;-) Casserole is a good and holy thing that came into being on the 7th day of Creation. When God was resting what do you think the Mrs. served for lunch?

  7. I can not hold back this question for Red.. Do you honestly believe you did not evolve???????????

  8. Gwen: We are so rural here that it was indeed a surprise. Having done time in both a monastery and a seminary there wasn't much they were going to enlighten me on but I'm always willing to listen to a new spin on an old and incorrectly translated theme. The cats are useless in this kind of situation. They lay there, yawn, and lick their butts. Now THERE'S a commentary!!

    Red: I didn't evolve from monkeys either. No human can claim that. Monkeys are too honest and have way more personality for that to be true. I believe we evolved from sloths. Think about it. And pass the tuna casserole. As for the 7th day--I always figured they just ordered take-out.

  9. Gwenn: I didn't come from monkeys and neither did you but you're more than welcome to subscribe to that point of view.

    Wellbourne: You're probably right about that take-out. Like I said, humans can certainly mimic monkeys well but as far as having more personality, I disagree. It doesn't take much personality to fling poo, mate, eat and fight.

  10. Were you talking about monkeys or politicians?

  11. Stupidity is permanent, fatal and incurable.
    Ignorance can be cured but not for the stupid.
    The stupid can and should be tolerated but knowing that they are the ones that make up the lynch mob makes me want to do that at a distance.

  12. I think that's why we're so keen on establishing 'colonies' on the moon. Kinda like the way Great Britain did with Australia in the 19th century.

  13. Hmmmm...Maybe there is such a thing as de-volution?

  14. LOL!! Yes I have and I can't believe I'm saying this but I have been pleasantly surprised by the upgrade our local Wally-world has made. Come to find out they are under new management so when you are there the clerks actually smile at you and say hello unprompted.*gasp*! The renovations have made the aisles much wider so you don't have anyone's blanket of B.O. or breath accosting you. I actually like shopping there now. Seriously.

  15. I would just like to say that I have spent a few minutes being greatly entertained by the story of your most unlikely encounter in the Maine woods. And by the witty comments (some with odd ideas about evolution, but never mind). It was fun. I'll sample again soon.

  16. I've been sitting here in the background just thinking about your sectification day. It sounds awful to me except for the fudge. But then, a whole porchful of anybody would be awful for me.
    Your mother's reaction is the only one possible, really, and she must be quite a wise and gracious lady.

  17. 20th Century Woman: Greetings and Welcome indeed! I hope you will come very often and find yourself very much at home!

    June: Normally I would agree with you about the porchful of people. I tend toward solitude. But this was such a fluke that I had to just sit back and go with the flow. It was worth it.

    Yes, my mom is truly a wise and gracious lady--an echo of her past which sadly has greatly diminished. This was a rare moment for her. Most of the time she behaves more like a piranha--and I'm the pound of flesh. She's usually good around visitors though. It's the best part about having company.