Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ravings From Etherea

The heavy breathing of the July Dragon has abated somewhat but we are still experiencing those 'lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer' of lyrical lore. These balmy days cause Lord Wellbourne to meander down the path of metaphysical inquiry. The early mornings and early evenings are given over to grounds maintenance and just enough housework to prevent being designated a toxic waste site.

The rest of the day is spent wandering the highways and byways of Etherea. It's the land where imagination, dreams, and life's dilemma-solving exercises have made their home since I invented it in my childhood.

Here are but a few of the myriad musings that engage my mind daily; shortly after the sun clears the pine tops:

Why does Friend A blame Friend B for what was clearly Friend A's fault? Why does Friend A find it necessary to include Friends C thru Z and situations 1 thru Infinity as excuses for his just being a jerk? Wouldn't it be easier to acknowledge the screw-up and say 'I'm sorry'?

If the world is really going to hell in a hand basket as presented by the environmental, financial, and political communities, shouldn't we all be growing reeds and taking basket-weaving classes? I can't be the only one who hates going anywhere without the appropriate accessories.

If the cap on the oil leak in the Gulf actually stays in place and stops the projectile petroleum vomit--does that mean we can expect projectile petroleum diarrhea somewhere else? Physics says it's gotta come out somewhere. May I suggest Dallas?

Is being able to communicate anything to anyone, anywhere, anytime really a good thing? I think the world was a much happier place before radio, television, and the internet. Ignorance was bliss. The world was your back-yard. The universe was your home town. When was the last time you experienced real bliss?

I don't understand the hoopla over Haiti. I was in Port Au Prince in 1990. It was a dirty, corrupt, crime-ridden cesspool then. Although I am sure there were good folks there, everyone I encountered--from cabby's to merchants--were only interested in what they could get out of me with the least amount of effort. I was robbed three times in six days. Actually I was robbed in one way or another all six days but only three times not sanctioned by law. So, 20 years later it's a dirty, corrupt, crime-ridden cesspool where people are angry about not getting the help they need despite the billions in Federal and International aid--a lot of it from common, every-day good-hearted people. The US has been bolstering Haiti for decades as a counter-balance to Cuba. Is Cuba that big of a threat? What the hell is Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands for? And don't get me started on New Orleans. A city of that size built where the Mississippi meets the Gulf AND below sea-level. A city that spent its capital on everything but infrastructure. Nope, can't feel a lot of empathy there.

Who invented 'political correctness' and is he/she still alive? Why?

Lord Wellbourne does not do well when mercury rises in the absence of central air. He does not wish to offend any of his Gentle Readers' sensibilities. Lord Wellbourne just wishes that stupidity would go the way of small pox. Or at least not given the opportunity to reproduce. Does the world need more Brittney Spears'?

Lord Wellbourne, however, makes no apologies for his comment referring to Dallas. Couldn't happen to a more deserving place.

Lord Wellbourne is also trying to figure out why he keeps referring to himself in the third person. It may be time for a brisk stroll around the margarita pool.


  1. and you are so right! Enjoy that margarita pool!

  2. Common sense of course has died so it accounts for much of our ills
    Friends love to bicker and invent drama in their lives, they need to get out more, perhaps to Dallas although I've never been there and never will it just doesn't feel my sort of place.
    Wouldn't you think Governments would require safety measures and plans for disasters to be in place before they allowed oil drilling? Is that too simple and obvious? I must have missed something major here, probably a large $ sign.

  3. I want to clarify something: I LIKE the city of New Orleans. I have visited it many, many times and had many (notorious) adventures in The Big Easy. I was crushed to see the devastation and suffering there. The people who suffered the most--as is most often the case--were the people who had the least viable input where infrastructure was concerned. I empathize with the loss and the frustration. On the other hand, there are still 'victims' of Katrina milking the system for everything they can get out of it. That's where my empathy begins to run cold. Alabama and Mississippi were hit very hard as well but we didn't and don't hear that much about those 'victims'.

    Lady H.--The Margarita Pool was very refreshing.

    Von--Dallas is an arrogant, pretentious, condescending city. I have always held that Texas should cede the whole pile to Oklahoma where it can, in reality, be the city it pretends to be. My fear is that it would try to take its sister-city of Fort Worth with it. That would be a pity. Fort Worth is the antithesis of Dallas.

    Yes, one would think that serious consideration would be given to all facets of such a venture. Especially when working blind in Mother Nature's hot-tub. I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head with the $$'s sign.

    Oh, and common sense is not dead--yet. It is on the endangered species list however.

  4. Why would one stroll around the margarita pool when one can simply dive in?. Also stupidity is like the common cold. It's viral and keeps mutating to avoid extermination.

  5. Do you want to drink something you've been swimming in? I always stroll with a super deluxe extra long bendy straw. And yes, I am happy to see you.

  6. Well I know I wouldn't be peeing in the pool so yeah, I'd drink it.

  7. And why was I not notified of THIS post?!?!??!!!!
    The Blogger world has gone seriously awry, and it's pi$$ing me off.
    As for the rest of your eloquent rant, I have the following to say:
    The radio in my car is permanently broken. So is the hi-def box for the TV. I only know the news that I see in a quick pass on Google News and in the weekly newspaper. I am The Happiest Human Being On The Planet.

  8. Red: Then you're not doing it right.

    June: Your happiness is paramount to me. Don't ever fret about not being 'connected'. Not much going on anymore anyway. The Israelites made it out of Egypt but I'm sure you caught that on Google News. That Moses dude is really something.....

  9. Wellbourne: So you would drink you're own pee!

  10. If it were 80 proof tequila, sure! It'll kill anything and I wouldn't have to get out of the pool. I don't want to get in because I think feet are funky.