Friday, June 4, 2010

As I Was Saying.........

I am humbled by your responses to my last post!! Humbled and gratified. No need to be concerned with it giving me a big head.....I've been banging it up against the wall for the past eight weeks. There's no more expansion possible what with the swelling.

At some point between the 18th and 24th of this month I will, at long last, be in possession of my very own brand spankin' new laptop. It will be my first non-previously-owned instrument of Satan. I ordered it this past Tuesday directly from Dell. As one of my acquaintances put it: "Now you've gone off the deep end beyond the point of no return." I have to say that people tend to under-value and over-estimate the 'deep end'. While touring the deep end these past two months I encountered many characters and characteristics both disturbing and delightful. (Many of them being me and mine.) It's been a learning experience; an exercise in derring-do horticulture, spiritual gymnastics, and gravity-defying patience with a heapin' helpin' of ambivalence. I find that ambivalence can be as addictive as any narcotic. It's a warm fuzzy security blanket while in the cold embrace of ignorance.

I am grateful to have a cousin who A) I like, B) owns a computer, and C) mixes a mean Tom Collins. I could have availed myself of her hospitality sooner but I was rather enjoying my self-inflicted Spartan martyrdom. I missed y'all terribly and I appreciate each of you even more now that I realize how fragile our connection is.

So, my Dears, enjoy the virtue of patience for a few more weeks and I will return ready to regale with tales of my sojourn in the Land of Cyberlessness. Just east of the Deep End.


  1. Ah!The Deep End!Only the courageous dare to go there, sometimes it is a wondorous place full of new learning and adventures.
    Ambivalence holds a useful place in life, an invisibility cloak sometimes to shield and comfort.
    Welcome back, look forward very much to hearing of your new love-life with Dell.

  2. It was certainly an adventure. But then, so was The Divine Comedy. It did bear a striking resemblance to Purgatorio come to think of it....

    Dell and I are just friends right now but I am hoping a deep and meaningful relationship develops. I'll get a better sense once I'm holding him firmly in my hands......

  3. Gawd I miss your posts! Your cousin is the best!

  4. 7 to 13 days and counting...