Monday, May 31, 2010

Neither Gone Or Unremembered

Greetings to all my blog-mates!! I have not: A) Died, B) been abducted by aliens, or C) entered a cloistered monastery. My computer died to become the ultimate April Fool's Day joke and the laugh (such as it was) was on me.

I assure you I will be back very soon. I have countless anecdotes to share about my cyber exile and how I filled the long, lonely hours. No one will ever find the bodies......


  1. Hooray! You're back!!!!!!Missed you terribly..there are so few entertaining, intelligent, suave men occupying blogland.You absence was most conspicuous.

  2. Von, he isn't "back" yet. This is a tease.

    Lord W, please please please beg, borrow or get out there and buy some means of internetting. Your fan club misses you!

  3. Von, you'll give him a big head with all that complimenting! LOL