Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fancy's Fevered Flight

To mow or not to mow; that is the quandary. Whether 'tis nobler in the noggin or more solicitous to the soul to tickle tender tootsies in vibrant verdant vegetation or, like a grasping Gallic gardener, take up blades against a sea of dandelions-- madly manicuring mossy margins into sterile perfection. To partake of Persephone's pastoral pleasures and Primavera's pass times or to make war with weeds; churning, chopping, and chucking nature's overabundance.

Daffodils dance dizzily, narcissus' nod knowingly, hyacinths huddle happily, and Rhododendrons rhapsodize while wisteria wander wistfully. Is it necessary to negate Nature's notions of nuance? Is a lavish lawn less lovely than a a driver's dream or putter's paradise? Nay, non, nyet! Banish the bothersome burden of baling and be free from frivolous forestry. The lilies neither spin nor weave nor do the birds sow or reap. Gather ye cozy comforting catnaps while ye may! Treat yourself to transcendent trivialities and tea!

Besides, it's too late and too wet to mow now anyway. More's the pity. Sigh.....


  1. Altogether alluring alliteration!
    Napping beats yard work any day.

  2. Garden poetry.:) I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

  3. Just let it grow, Mother Nature takes care of herself. It's all good until the neighbors complain.

  4. Well I never!! My lilies neither spin nor weave but my geese do both sow and reap. I'll go for the catnaps, or as I prefer to call them these days 'a little power nap'.I leave the catnaps to the kitties.
    Great to see you back amongst the words.

  5. June:--Thoroughly thoughtful thanks! Oh yes, and the best are catnaps IN the yard!

    Antares Cryptos:--I find composing garden poetry fills the gap between doing nothing and sloth very nicely.

    Lady H:--If the neighbours are unamused I have an entire garage full of implements that will tickle them pink to help themselves to. With my blessing.

    Von:--The kitties and I usually nap together and use their subtle power of persuasion to keep me there. I'm their favourite radiator.

  6. I read this aloud to myself and I am in paradise. I believe I too shall take a nap with the pup.

    You are a adorable.


  7. Joey:-- Ooooo puppy love! It's the best! Napping with a dog is so soothing. They're interactive nappers while cats are more aloof. Dogs are the best snuggling companions.

  8. ...and the second mower from the left is definitely a Webb. I used one exactly like that for 20 years before changing to a Flymo. Bad move, the Webb was vastly superior in every way - good exercise too...
    I now use a self-powered Honda.

  9. Albedo:--Greetings and Welcome! I am still trying to find a mower like the one on the far left....I grew up using one of those and perhaps nostalgia is getting the better of me. I remember the swooshing sound it made. I would rather sharpen blades than hear the awful engine sound or inhale gas fumes!

  10. Bless your non motorized heart.
    Not a power tool in the fleet.

  11. VQ:--Greetings! Yup, I consider the only power tools necessary in my life are the coffee maker and the toaster. I know some people call them appliances but no part of me wishes to have them applied to any part of them. Therefore they are power tools that enable me to progress through my day.

  12. Lord Wellbourne! I nearly danced to this! Heck, I think I'm going to dance right now... ah the poetry that flows from your heart... wonderfully exhilarating! :)
    (My husband won't let me near the mower. He says it's "mans work". Ha, we all know it's because he has a tractor.)