Monday, March 7, 2011

Ta-Da! Not-So-New-But-Improved

It was my sincere and earnest intention to return to the Blogosphere yesterday. However, the unpredicted and thus unexpected ice storm that began early yesterday strategically brought down a few trees here and there resulting in my internet services being brought to a crunching halt. Gracious, the lengths One will go to in order to prevent my blogging.

All in all, it might not have been an inconsiderate postponement. I mean, really, what could I blather on about other than the riveting details of my bed-confining illness? **YAWN** In a nutshell then...I contracted double pneumonia which led to endocarditis. But wait...there's more! I was also bestowed with shingles on the fifth day of feeling like death over easy. I've always been something of an over achiever. After swallowing a scuttle's worth of anti-you-name-it medications and potions I am upright and as mobile as necessity dictates.

Things I came to terms with and/or discovered during the process:

I really need to paint the ceiling.

Cats are an ideal source of heat and conversation.

The Queen Mother is not as helpless as she pretends.

With no distractions, you CAN actually gauge dust accumulation.

Snowmobiles sound like swarms of Jihadist bees bent on the destruction of serenity.

People are way too interested in the the thickness of pillows, thread counts, and the positioning of blankets.

Jello makes a great cat toy.

Toast not smothered in fats, jams, or gravy does not constitute nutrition no matter how many cute shapes you cut them into.

Oh I could go on.....and future transmissions.

In the meantime I want to make it abundantly clear that I have kept up with all of My Gentle Readers and fellow Bloggers. You have been a prolific bunch and I truly appreciate it. I was unable to leave comments since rising up any more than a 30 degree angle sent me into tail spins. My cousin got hold of some i-thingy that enabled her to read the posts to me. These were shared with attending medical personnel and visitors--who were impressed with the diversity and international flavour of my acquaintances. I don't take any of y'all for granted but it was nice to have how special you all are brought home to me. June and OldFool were particular favourites and I expect your following will increase after this. June's toe situation has launched all kinds of anecdotes/treatment theories. Thank you, Red, for keeping it pertinent and relative. Maine Homestead kept me full and satisfied while eating that damned dry toast. Lady Hawthorne and Desideratum fanned the flames of creative inspiration for projects. Y'all have really been a blessing....maybe all this technology voodoo ain't so bad after all.


  1. How very flattering to have been read/heard by others, by chance. The chance having been your illness is unfortunate, I hasten to add.
    I'm so very glad you're ambulatory, or at least your fingers are. I already knew about being able to measure dust accumulation; it's a common feature of my life. ;-p

  2. My birthday went by and I did not hear from you so I figured you were dead and busy crossing the river Styx.
    I'm truly glad you are not.
    I've got a new one that will give you some diversion by the name of L. F. Hawkins
    This guy is good.
    Get well my friend. It probably won't help but I will shake my medicine rattle in your direction everyday.

  3. So wonderful to see you back in the ether of the internet world. I miss reading your posts, its almost as good as actually having you at the dining room table. If I were there you would have been having some version of our old comfort food instead of dry toast. Hugs to the kitties and the Queen Mother. Be well.

  4. How verification word was 'shiver'.

  5. "The Queen Mother is not as helpless as she pretends."

    As if anyone really believed otherwise. So glad you have posted and are back again. WE MISSED YOU XO!

  6. June: The listeners got to hear some of my posts as well and at some point someone asked if it was one of mine or one of yours. I was incredibly flattered.

    OldFool: It just killed me being unable to wish you a Happy Birthday--which I do now with all my heart! No row boat for me! When I cross over Styx I'm going on the QE2 or not at all.

    Lady H.: I went through photo albums when I ran out of magazines. Ahhhh, good times. Fascinating characters. As for comfort food...well, let's just say that Kurt's gumbo was NOT on the menu. Eeewww. I have a verification word thingy? I didn't know that.

    Red: The Queen Mother is presently reinventing herself now that I'm back on deck. She's become fixated on household cleaning. I've moved all the instruments of dust removal and window shining to eye-level and easy reach. I have agreed with her, promised to support her in her efforts to wage battle--and to offer advice as well as compliment her technique. If nothing else, I have managed to give her facial muscles an incredible work-out

  7. OldFool: Please feel free to shake anything you want to in my direction--whether it rattles or not. My recuperation is not yet complete so I am accepting all offers of well being!

  8. You are such a good son ;-)

  9. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I whipped up some brownies for you......

  10. Well, back atcha!
    I'm incredibly flattered too!

  11. Hi Lord W, I hope only good health for you from now on... and so glad to see that this ill health didn't affect your sense of humor... and now you have a chance to get that dusting done..

  12. Red--Ain't it the truth!

    A Maine Homestead--And they are delicious too! Sure beats the hell out of dry toast!!

    June--Aww, shucks.

    Gwen--Thank you...being well is all I plan to pencil in on my itinerary. Lordy, if I hadn't been able to find the humour I would have gone batty. Well, batti-er. Nope, no dusting. I consider dust a protective covering so I'm insuring that my treasures will survive to thrill future generations.

  13. So good to see you up and about! And those snowmobiles are a nuisance - not good for one's health. Looking forward to reading more from Maine. :)

  14. Jayne--Hi Jayne!! Oh, be sure that more's a comin'. In fact my next post will involve those nuisances!

  15. Oh, I am glad you are feeling better. Hope the shingles don't continue to give you grief.

    Your fine writing and keen wit have survived the ordeal.

  16. Anne--Thanks, Darlin', I do feel better. Haven't had any twinges or reminders of those insidious shingles! Knock wood.

    I'd like to think that my wit is like a Damascene blade honed to a sharpness that cannot be dulled by a mere near-death experience. I'd like to think that but....

  17. Hello Lord Wellbourne,

    what a nice coincidence, that I found your amazing & enriching site.

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    Perhaps it can help you with your "Damascene blade" problem.

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  18. Welcome Falcon! Happy that you have come by and thank you for the kind words. I have visited your site. My, but you do have a diverse blog list and varied interests! I hope you will not be too bored here.

    And the very best to you as well!

  19. This is incredible. You guys are great!


  20. Joey--We do have fun here, for sure! It's like a coffeehouse and everyone gets to take a turn at pouring. Grab a cup!