Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tan Gents Of No Great Import

Well, it's been a week since I first encountered the cyber voodoo that has plagued my computer. The cavalry never showed up and no embassy from the realm of Techno-Geekdom has come charging up on white steeds. So, until this contraption breathes its last, I am going to forge ahead and blog my heart out.

Oh, hell, now I can't think of anything to blog about. While I've waited for reinforcements I filled my time with needle and thread. The Renaissance gown and underskirt were completed and will soon be on their way to Texas. *sniff* I'm back in the domestic housewares saddle again. Of course, while I'm sitting there, hour after hour working the needle, I do think about the strangest things. My mind is a rabbits' warren of ideas and conjectures.

By now I assume that my regular Gentle Readers are aware of my healthy respect for language and words. I love words. I hate to see them abused. My particular battered choice this week is the word 'awesome'. It's supposed to mean something that inspires awe. Something that causes one to feel a sense of wonder and amazement. The Northern Lights, for example. Or perhaps an erupting volcano. A prime example would be birth. In any species of the animal kingdom. Watching new life emerge into the world inspires awe, amazement, and a sense of wonder. The particular tasty flavour of a cookie or cleaning properties of a laundry detergent do not, at least for me, create that sensation.

I've also given some thought to religion. Christian scripture to be more precise. Matthew 18:20 "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst." OK, so, does that mean that the solitary person endeavoring to communicate with the Divine is just spinning his wheels? Does he have to go find an accomplice to get heavenly attention? It's always been my contention (and experience) that whenever two or three are gathered in His name you have met the basic requirements for inevitable conflict. By the way, the answer to the above questions is 'no'. Matthew 6:7. Read it for yourselves, kids, it's an awesome piece of advice. As many of you have come to know, I am not given to organized religion. Neither am I an atheist. Nor am I agnostic--I read and get a lot out of sacred texts from the worlds religions. I just don't confine myself to any one particular 'ism'. I am an avid (and sometimes rabid) vigilante where the cult of 'hypocrisism' is concerned. If your 'talk' don't 'walk' then shut up. Walk the talk and I'll follow you anywhere. Confucius, The Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi all had plenty of miles on their footwear and thus I respect them immeasurably. These were awesome individuals.

Since the computer hasn't gone up in a ball of flame and taken me with it--yet--I am going to leave y'all here and get back to the needle and thread. I have missed you. Hope it's been mutual. Anyone need fancy-shmancy pot holders?


  1. Awfully glad to know you are there, still!

    I have no need of pretty potholders, thanks all the same. Lately I am becoming habituated to grabbing a dishtowel a la commercial kitchen habit...

    I'm with you on the faith issue. I've been a Church Lady, a Heathen, and everywhere in between, and now whatever I believe is amorphous yet comforting, inspiring, and makes me happy. I'll take it.

  2. So pleased you're back, accompanied by white horses or not.So glad you didn't disappear in an awesome cloud of smoke in a volcanic explosion.
    I'm with you on hypocrisy and a firm believer in walking the talk as you probably suspected by now!
    As to beliefs I was brought up a not very strict Anglican, adopted from a Methodist institution,have been a believer and attender, have leaned to Buddhism for decades but find it hard to be confined by any beliefs but my own.
    Do like the sound of pretty pot holders as I tend to do the commercial kitchen thing too, mainly from a lack of the right accoutrements.

  3. YOU! Blog until you can't...then buy a new computer ;-)I;ll pass on the potholders. My mother-in-law gifts us with towels, blankets and dish towels whenever it's gift time. St. Vincent de Paul loves me.

  4. I've got fancy-shmancy double-thick brocade coasters, too. In this family--both sides--the commercial kitchen thing was never an option. Unless they were given as 'favours' with the business' advertising printed on them. They date back to the 30's and 40's and I still use 'em. There's even a couple of hot pads recycled from ancient quilts. I LOVE this stuff!

    I was raised Catholic and for the longest time I worked very hard at becoming either a saintly pope or a papal saint. Every conceivable church activity followed by the monastery and seminary (where I was eventually 'cured' of religionitis). I fine the cathedral of the woods and the plainsong of the chickadees far more nutritious to my soul and well being. I am a devoted congregation of one but I never feel alone.

  5. I mean St. Vincent de Paul aka Catholic Goodwill. I like your 'church' btw. It's my favorite.