Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes, You Can Go Home Again

Nearly thirty years ago I wrote this in a notebook:

Dear Spirit of the Universe-
Give us strength
to do our best
to use our strength
for what is best.

I don't remember if I was writing that for my sake or if I had the country or even the world in mind. A little prayer written in the margins of a notebook. Today as I see, read, and listen to what's happening around the planet I can't help but repeat that naive little verse over and over in my mind. I wish we could all return to the earnest optimism of our youth. I believe the world would be a much different and better place.

In another notebook I wrote:

What bothers us are
those things we let
bother us.
What's needed is the
courage to let what
gives us strength
strengthen us.

Apparently I was preoccupied with "strength"--its uses and abuses--back then. Now I am more interested in the person who wrote those lines--trying to reacquaint myself with myself. I am in the right place. Autumn in Maine is an ideal time to rediscover ones optimism and hopes. I am reminded of the words of George Eliot--"It is never to late to be what you might have been". I certainly hope that's true.


  1. Far more optimistic than my writings at that age, I must say. And I hope George Eliot's right, too.

  2. This was during my "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and "Illusions" period. They are recurring phases in my life.

    It's going to be awhile before I find out the validity of George's sentiment. But the journey should be fascinating.